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Yoga For The Soul

Yoga For The Soul
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From the owner Wendy - What I bring to you that may be different from what you find with other exercise instructors or even other yoga instructors. For starters I'm not young. I consider myself as young-at-heart but I know 60+ isn't the new 25 these days. I know what it's like to have an injury and endure visits to chiropractors or physical therapists over and over. Not much fun. I've experienced my own journey of healing and I'm passionate about sharing it with you. I'm dedicated to working with people who are interested in their own journey back to vitality, flexibility and health. I'm not 100 percent back. However, I have far greater flexibility, energy and a sense of peace and calm I never had before starting yoga. Over the last few years I've taken numerous training classes to help myself and become certified to help other Las Vegans enjoy and benefit from yoga. Now I'm enthusiastic about sharing Yoga for The Soul with you. I'm still on my journey and I'm looking forward to you joining me on yours
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